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I agree that we have the usual inconsistencies between the mags based on their ability to listen. And there are some inconsistencies to boot, in whether the RS is an appearance package or a model, the HP ratings, mileage, etc, etc. So there is still a lot to learn on Monday. In other words, they are as confused and as inconsistent as ever.

But the pics are shown as being FROM GM on all the sites. The Road and Track article talks about talking with Al Oppenheiser, GM's North American rear-drive vehicle chief engineer. These are not unnamed sources.

These APPEAR to be the articles that these sources would have published Monday after the meeting at 4 pm EST when the news emargo was going to be lifted. They just came out early. It takes time to write the articles, so all that has to be done in advance, generally a couple of weeks in advance. So I think we are now looking at what they would have published late Monday or Tuesday of next week. A site in the UK broke the embargo early, at that point there is no reason to hold back and not publish, in fact those that do are put at a disadvantage.

That there is an L99, which is appers to be an LS3 with AFM and all the fuel saving stuff (it is a 6.2)does not appear to be in doubt. A lot of details about it are NOT known yet.

If all the mags got it right all the time then there would not be a need for more than one of them, right!

There is still a lot to be learned, and you will notice that GM did not let anybody take pics of the SS exterior. The Edmunds article even pokes fun at them about it. Its almost like GM is even smarter than we give them credit for and held something back in case this happened.

They give the model numbder of the tranny and some cool details.

"In this case, the automatic is a six-speed unit (6L80 in GM Powertrain parlance) that features shift paddles on the steering wheel. Each downshift will be accompanied by a rev-matching throttle blip."

So, do we know everything, NO.....That there is an L99 appears to be certain. The interesting part is that the L99 with the six speed auto and the higher geared rear end may actually get the same or better mileage, at least on the highway, than the manual....But THAT is a guess on my part...

Let the rampant speculation begin, we have till Monday at 4 and we need to keep each other busy till then and give the forum mods carpal tunnel syndrome trying to keep up!
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