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This subject has everything in it and it is the result of what some have been concerned with from the onset. Now we are finding out that even with the non-modded engines that the current axle design is causing wheel hop (as always suspected and known) which causes the CV boot to come loose and then the grease and then the joint failure. If the IPS design is truely sound it will cure the ailment but the other contraversy not yet mentioned here is the instant loss of any drivetrain warranty from GM since this is a non GM part. Truely the definition of mixed emotions.
The other thing to consider, IF one is lucky enough to get GM to warrant a replacement, it will most likely be the same part or slightly bigger and that person will most likely be going back more times for the same thing.

Had I known and if it were even possible, I would have negotiated OUT the warranty cost all together and just take the 90 day mandatory and leave the rest to my own accord. But that was not an option. grrrrrr.
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