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Originally Posted by TC View Post
I know, but I'm never gonna learn if I don't do it myself.

Tune is fine, driver that needs the work. Dyno was at 470rwhp on a mustang dyno.

Still trying to get time slips up.
.1270 - reaction
2.0159 - 60ft
5.4779 - 3330ft
8.2611 - 1/8 et
88.74 - 1/8 mph
10.6160 - 1000' et
104.63 - 1000' mph
12.5728 - 1/4 et
115.10 - 1/4 mph

Are you power shifting or granny style?

Your run from the 8th to the 1/4 should be faster too.

FYI my LT/CAI l99 8th mile trap speed was 87.7 and I ran an 8.30.

From there you had 88.7 and ran an 8.26.

What happens after that? Your car with over 100 more rwhp only puts 2/10ths on mine.

I hope Im not coming off like a jag or anything, as I would really like to help you out. If I had one guess I would say your granny shifting. Leave the pedal to the floor through your shifts. Its kind of scary at first, but if you practice it, it will become natural when racing.
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