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Originally Posted by SoFlaZ View Post
I just consider it a performance car. I guess you cant exactly say it's a true sports car (if you define one as a 2dr super small super light, high hp/lb, rear drive car) but it is a sporty car with the potential to do things true sports cars do. The main thing to do with all this hp is to perform. Whether it be on a dragstrip or a circuit track.
You're putting too many definitions into what makes a sports car. For instance, you're saying that a sports car needs to be light. How do you define light? Is it less than 2000 lbs, because that measure is hard to match for most cars. Consider the 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago, a car that weighs 3,637 lbs. Not many people would argue that this car is an exotic sports car, but when you indicate that it has to be light, you're suggesting that it has to be lighter than the Camaro, which you don't call a sports car. That being said, the Mustang GT would fit into whatever weight category with the Murcielago, but the Camaro is a mere 200 lbs above that category. Despite this, the Camaro and Mustang are direct competitors, making them more likely foes that the Mustang and a Murcielago.

You also assume that a sports car has 2 doors, but the M5 is a recognized sports sedan, and you can't argue that the CTS-V is anything less than dominating in sports brackets with that LSA under the hood.

In summary, all that matters in a sports car is that sporty performance and appearance are important. There are different kinds of sports cars, but to deny a competitive car a place among sports cars would be nothing less than sacrilege to a great machine.
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