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WANTED-1997 30th Anniversary Chevy Camaro Z28

Hey guys, I'm obviously new to the forums. My mom and I are looking at buying a 97 Z/28 Camaro. We were looking at the new Camaros but they are way out of are price range for the V8. She had a '79 up until 1992 but she sold it to a friend when I came into the picture. We live in Tallmadge OH (home of Summit racing and some of the nicest street cars on the planet due to that). I was just at the Camaro show last weekend where we test drove one of the V6s and we feel in love (I had honestly been in love since Transformers 1 anyway). So we walked around a bit and spotted a 97 30th Anniversary Camaro. We decided that was our car. I get to blow away an a$$hole prep at school in his 3000GT and my mom gets to have her dream car back. The only bad part is A. hard to find with less that 100,000 miles (I'm only an amateur mechanic) B. She can't drive stick. So here are the specs and hope fully I can find one in Eastern Ohio/Western PA. Any help would be awesome.

WANTED-1997 30th Anniversary Chevy Camaro Z28**

Must have white with orange stripe paint scheme

No convertibles

Less than 75,000 miles

EXCELLENT condition


Winter stored (absolutely no salt damage)

Not a spot of rust on the body

Auto or manual (PLEASE Auto)

Obviously V8***

Minor engine work needed only

T-tops more than exceptable

Preferably leather interior

Don't ever call me.

**No trades, price with be negotiated based on KBB quotes
***I may except V6 model or normal non-Z28 SS models based on condition

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