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Thumbs down Dealer bumped my "sold" 2LT allocation for an SS, probably for the second time

My blood pressure has had a few hours to fall, so perhaps I can write this now. I wrote a few days ago about how I was losing faith and was frustrated with waiting at 1100, particularly considering the effort I put into finding a dealer who would accept MSRP, had no “mandatory” back-office profit add-ons, and who had a short wait list. Yes, I know and was reminded that others have waited longer. When I wrote the check, there were 4 cars awaiting allocation ahead of mine, and I had the only V6 car on the list.

I wrote the salesman and talked with him on the phone several weeks ago when I told them I was tired of hearing how my allocation was right around the corner, next week, more coming next month, etc. I was told they had four confirmed allocations coming in starting Aug 27 and ending today Sept 17. I was now third on the list, so I would definitely have one, with my allocation going in no later than the 17th. I called last week to see if everything was still on schedule and the salesman started telling me how the owner wanted some Camaros in stock since they were selling for so much over sticker at auction. I asked about my car, and the fact that I was supposed to have an allocation. I wasn’t left with a warm and fuzzy feeling by the halfhearted answer.

So imagine my delight today when I called the dealership for a status and when the salesman called me back he wanted to know if I was in a place where I could talk to him for a few minutes. I was driving (w/ earpiece, no worries) but I instantly got a bad feeling. The conversation went something like this.

Salesman: “We had the allocation that came in today that we have to use for either an SS or V6 car. Do you remember how we talked about the constraints on the SS model? Well we know that we won’t have another opportunity to get an SS allocation this year. If we’re going to order an SS, we have to order it today.”
Me: “Well, I ordered an LT, so I don’t see where this is a problem.”
Salesman: “Well, I know you didn’t order an SS. What I’m trying to tell you is, since this allocation can be used for either a V6 or V8 car, and we know we won’t be getting any more until next year, we’re going to order an SS instead of your car.”
Me: “You told me weeks ago that there were four allocations, that I was number three on the list and would have one of these slots.”
Salesman: “I know that’s what I promised you, but there is only so much I can do, I’m not going to lose my job over this. This allocation is our last chance to get one of the SS’s until January. We’ve ordered the SS, but we’re expecting another allocation on the 24th and the sales manager has promised me that the allocation will be for your car.”
Me: <Silence>
Salesman: “Are we OK?”
Me: “OK? Uh, you’re telling me, so I don’t see that there’s a choice here, is there.”

I’ll save the other little pearls of joy for myself, but there you have it folks. A dealer who is admitting to me that my pre-sold order means squat, that it doesn’t really matter that I’ve been waiting or hearing promises of the next allocation for months. This forth allocation should have been for the next car after mine, so I’m guessing that they ordered two SS cars out of turn. To say that I am PISSED OFF is an understatement. It’s no longer about waiting for a car apparently; it’s about waiting for my dealer to decide when it’s convenient to give me my allocation when there is so much profit to be had by selling the SS cars.

I’ll be speaking with GM/Chevrolet customer service tomorrow. This kind of treatment and blatant abuse of the already convoluted allocation system for these cars is bullshit. As a buying customer, I deserve better from this dealer. As a company, GM better hope there aren’t many more like this one.

On that high note, I’d like to know if there is a dealer out here with an immediate allocation available. I would also be willing to buy a vehicle from stock that meets my wish list. I am looking for an inferno orange 2LT with the inferno orange interior, a manual transmission, and the black hockey stripe package. Nothing too special, but I don’t really care for the RS pack. Stripes can always be added later, so if someone has one of these around let me know. I am willing to fly to pick it up and drive it home if the out-of-state tax issues are workable (immediate order or in stock, and within two day’s drive from FL panhandle). Since my buying experience has been so wonderful so far, my preference at this point is a dealer who will accept qualifying discounts. I have $6K to put down, excellent credit (no lie), and am looking for an honest deal.
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