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So, there is a lot of debate on 'flatspots' on tires, so, since we have some cold days and I like race ramps, I got these:

FlatStoppers (14" wide to give me a bit of room):

Once I set the location, I taped the area and it makes it easier to use. I really only need these for when the temps get low and I know it will be a few days.

Fronts are always going to be there (helps me get the car set in the garage), rears when I need them! Low enough to drive over with no issues (with my lowered setup):

Not for everyone, and I know folks can 'overfill', but for me, this is what I like to use.

Weather today is low 50's, tomorrow 70's so I'll get on the hx update!

While I was at it, I order 2 of these -- just in case (for the SC):

Gates 36310 Belt Drive Pulley -- Like to have backups as needed and the price point it great too...

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