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Originally Posted by octane_n_veins View Post
Can it be? No Z28 trim level? Isn’t that what I’d been sayin for the last week or so… MMMM, yeah I think so. But Scott said… Well I know that I DON’T have egg on my face.
Either way the Camaro is just around the corner and near our beloved driveways.
Scott never said there was going to be a Z28 right out of the gate. No one from GM has said that their was going to be a Z28 out of the gate. In fact the general consensus was that there was not going to be a Z at launch, and that it would come at a later date, even though many hoped that would not be the case.

No one is saying you are right or wrong, but don't be so quick to slam those at GM over what you may have percieved them to say.
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