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Originally Posted by SummoneR View Post
Good luck nightmare!! I hope you can pull it off my friend!!

Dustin! GLad you got your car back finally bro!! looks nice!!

To all the others who have posted pics and recieved their cars!! AWESOME!!!

I am a slacker!! I need to post pics of my full tint for you all... or the car period, but I have yet to take any decent ones. My faded gills and mail slot vinyls came in on Friday. I will take before and after shots, along with my Silver Hood spears and bowties from Xmicro_SS once they arrive as well. Then My exhaust will be shipped sometime next week hopefully, so I'll have photos of that for ya'll. I need a video camera to video the exhaust...

Anyway plus I plan to do my interior lighting upgrades, and some suttle touches to the underbody...

Anyway keep the great pics coming everyone!!
dam right ur slacking! ur worse then me! lol

but cant wait for u do do ur lighting...i cant wait to see wut u thinking of getting some from oznium for the speakers, cup holder, air vents, and over the back license i got my custom plate on finally... 2SSICK looks pretty cool ...imma get my lights done soo too just need to build my account back up cuz i dont wanna leave myself broke... just went to florida a few weeks ago and spent like 700 bucks
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