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SS Shotgun Ride?!??! :-)
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Originally Posted by RLHMARINES View Post
STOP THE WHINNING!!! We all need to remember it's better to have a well developed sexy Camaro and wait on further info to come than to be like it's been since 2002. No Camaro...

I've waited this long and I can wait a few more months on the Z28 release. I might have to lease a SS m6 with performance mods thru gm until release date.

I'm with you on that one. When looking at the hi-res pics on one of the other sites (autoblog??) I just kept sayin to myself --- "Dayum! That is one SEXY beetch!!!!!"

At least now and after tomorrow we will have enough info to keep us guessing and bickering until February.

We need Scott (and the mods) to step in and tell us all to "behave" for now.
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