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Originally Posted by 2SSRS View Post
What will the AFR be, As not all units work at the same AFR #, And you can not go from OEM to CAI and not drive the car as much as 150 MI to go back to the OEM AFR, As this computer takes a long time to learn, and if you remove the battery cable you still need to drive the car at list 100 mi to get the ecm back to where it was before you put the last CAI on the car.

And how do you know if the units are going to give you timing or pull the timing on the deferent units so there are so many ways to do this that it dos not work, If you billd a unit to lean out the AFM then you will get a high HP # but you will blow up the ls3 if the ECM puts timing in.

more to came as i have to go.
I think this is actually going to be a valid test on the basis of simplicity. It will show "If I bolt this thing in what will it do immediately". This is the worst case scenario of what it will do, as you pointed out the ECM is going to make adjustments over time which would improve the results.

So whatever units are tested, the results will show the immediate gains relative to one another, and for certain units the results may improve over time but at least people will know what the minimum improvement will be.

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