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Gforce Engineering axles and driveshafts coming soon

I've had allot of calls and emails from the new Gen5 crowd on when we would get into the market.

Well, the answer is real soon.

This week we start work on prototype axles, driveshafts and spools.

A couple of customers have requested we build a race axle that will hold 1.20 60ft times and 1500 hp so that is what I'll be working on first.

The new severe duty race axles are called the "Outlaw" series.
They will feature large 33 spline axle bars made from 300m, 300m is the strongest material available for making axles.
The diameter of these axles are darn near 1.5" and that is a constant thickness not a necked up diameter after the splines.
They will use larger cv joints then what is currently available on the market.
The inner stubs will also be 33 splines and also made of 300m. These stubs will be larger in diameter then the OEM stubs.
We will also release a 33 spline spool to complete the package.
We'll also offer a spool to work with the OEM stubs and aftermarket stubs.
Hopefully the differential manufacturers will follow with a 33 spline posi.

Were working on a one piece carbon fiber driveshaft that will be supplied with a billet pinion yoke.
We'll be working in conjunction with PST in Florida to develop these shafts.
We have had great success with these shafts and pinion yokes in the GTO market.

Once we get the "Outlaw" series race axles, stubs and spools done we'll work on the regular race axles.

Give me a shout if you have any questions.

Chris @ Gforce Engineering

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