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Yank 3600 installed. News at 11:00.

Local shop installed it for $355 out the door.

After my 100 mile break in, which wasnt too much of a hasle because I live 40 miles from the shop, I feel this is probably the best bang for the buck mod so far.

As far as will still roll without any throttle, so its still good for parking lots. Low end driving uses more RPM's obviously but its not bad at all.

On the highway my gas milage remains unaffected at about 22 at 78mph. Trans stays just a brown pubic hair above 180 (no cooler installed). Sits at about 2k at the same speed.

When beating on it for a while the temp will jump to about 200ish but then back down to 180 with a minute of normal driving.

As far as launching.....forget about WOT take off with no wheel spin. Before my car would sometimes chirp the tires and sometimes spin them a few times from a dead stop. Now it just destroys the rears for a dead stop. Need Nitto 555r's bad for launch.

BTW this is with it tuned for a stock stall with firmer shifts and adjusted shift points. I didnt want to beat on it too much until the trans is actually tuned for this converter. That happens on the 8th. But so far, very pleased.
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