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ffrcobra_65: yeah, yeah I know... what can I say? it's my first sports/muscle car! hehe Looking back, that "extension" comment
does sound kinda weird...

beowulf80: I'm really enjoying the V6's transmission. I've driven some friends'
cars before but nothing quite like this. I wish they had done something to
match up the rear-end and 6th gear so that engine would run a bit slower
at highway speeds, something like 1800-1900 @ 65-70. Then you'd really
see some fantastic economy numbers. If they did that, then they could
make 5th a bit higher(?) to fill the gap. Like I said before, I'm still getting
used to the whole car, and have take offs in 1st down pat. About 75% of
the time, I can get 1st to 2nd shifts pretty smooth. Down to about 50%
for 2nd to 3rd shifts (under acceleration). And always get the remaining shifts
dead on. Driving in hilly Atlanta for the past two and a half months taught
me how to do up-hill take-offs, but nothing for smooth transitions between

BumbleDs/CanadianCamaro: That's an excellent point, I don't think I'll be
experimenting with it any time soon. Mostly curious to hear if anyone else
is doing/considering it.
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