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Z28 swap for Racing Brake Forged Calipers with Sintered Brake Pads and Carbon Ceramic

So I have officially made the switch from the OEM Brembo Calipers and Brembo pads to the Racing Brake Forged two piece calipers for the Carbon Ceramic Rotors. In addition we are using and testing their sintered metallic brake pad. The claim is that with the sintered metallic pad that it will actually cure the fractures that occur on the Carbon Ceramic Rotors and increase overall life of the rotor. I started with just the sintered metallic pads and ran two track days and noticed a significant difference in the overall appearance of the Carbon Ceramic Rotors. Additionally the braking power or brake Bite was significantly different from the OEM pad. We started with keeping the Brembo Calipers and running the Racing Brake Sintered metallic pads. I felt close to a 50% stronger braking capability.

The CC Rotors are ogiginal from the factory and have a full season of 35+ hours of track use and so this will be the perfect test for the sintered pad to determine the claim of using the pad to cure the CC Rotor and actually adding life and usability of the rotor. Included are before and after pictures and you can see that the racing brake sintered pads actually did in fact cure the fractures in the CC Rotor and effectively resurfaced the rotor. I also have gone through and cleared all the vents of debris and powder so coming into our next event we should see even better performance.

I will be posting images of the Calipers and also performance difference from our event in April at Buttonwillow.
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