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8am - 12noon --- Cars & Coffee --- West parking lot at Classic BMW, 6800 Dallas Parkway, Plano, TX 75024

Show up before 8am if possible so that all of our cars can easily be parked together.

If you are not driving a 35th Anniversary Edition Camaro SS, please do not park next to another 35th LE. Please allow another 35th LE to have that space so we can all be next to each other. For further information about C&C and what the show is all about, please see the first post in this topic.

We will attempt to have a photoshoot of just the 35th LEs when other cars start leaving, which if past shows mean anything... that will be around 10:30. The sunlight will be a bit better for photographs the later we have it (parking spots face east-west and the sun will be in the east giving us harsh lighting conditions). Anybody who is interested in taking part in the next session... we'll leave as a group and head to...

12noon - 1pm --- Flippen Park in the Highland Park neighborhood --- Versailles Ave and Lomo Alto Dr. Dallas, TX 75205

After C&C is over, we'll all go back to Dallas and have a photoshoot at the beautiful Flippen Park in Highland Park.

We will likely be going south from Plano to Dallas on Preston Rd to avoid getting separated on the Tollway.

We will be passing by the United States' first recognized shopping center -- Highland Park Village on Preston and Mockingbird. For those coming from out of town, Highland Park is one of the richest and oldest neighborhoods in Dallas. It is technically considered a town by some, however it is within the boundaries of Dallas. The entire town was designed by the same architect that designed Beverly Hills. The name Highland Park came to be from the many parks within the neighborhood and how the neighborhood is 130 feet higher in elevation than the rest of Dallas. Southern Methodist University is actually located on the "hill top."

Flippen park is located just a few blocks south of Highland Park Village. It has a beautiful fountain and gazebo and is a great location for a photoshoot. There is very little traffic, and it's the best location I can think of in Dallas.

(pictures taken on my phone from earlier this week):

My plan is dependent on what residents and other cars are parked alongside the park, but my initial thought is that we could line the cars up along the inside curb and take photos that way.

After that we will go to eat at the best Tex-Mex restaurant in the entire world...

1pm - whenever --- Ojeda's Restaurant --- 4617 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

After the small photoshoot is over, we will travel about 2 miles southwest to Ojeda's Restaurant. This is my personal favorite Mexican restaurant. It's family owned and run and has had many celebrities visit it for its great food.

I will call ahead and let them know that some really cool cars are coming and ask if they can perhaps save us some of the better parking spots next to one another.

After having a great lunch, we'll part ways and go about our business. For those visiting Dallas, I'm sure we'll all be able to discuss places to visit.

This may not necessarily be the exact path we follow, but here are google maps' driving directions for all three locations:

Please do me the favor of double confirming your RSVP so I know you read the plans.
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