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Originally Posted by shnomac77 View Post

Thats your opinion... you cant speak for everyone
I would love to have a Z/28 that has cloth non-powered seats, a basic 4 speakers stero system, less sound deadening material etc etc... The Z/28 is a "race" car first IMHO.
Sorry, but that's 1960's thinking that cost GM billions of dollars over the past few decades. For them to even try to compete in this world, they need to cut costs. One way to do that is stop catering to minorities who force them to carry more than 1 part that does the same function.

If most people want leather and HID's, then everyone who buys the car gets them. It will force the consumer to be upsold to the more expensive car, thus resulting in more $ for GM and less money wasted one low production parts.
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