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Originally Posted by alrox View Post
The take on those parts is very low. The LS exists only to advertise a low MSRP. Sure a dealer will sell you an LT, but he most likely won't have one of the lot. What he does have is a nicely equipped 2LT+RS automatic for 30k. In the average consumers mind, he's only paying $23k because that's what was advertised and not his full payment.

In order to make more $, they need to sell the ones that make them the most $. The people that buy $50,000 cars aren't hurting for cash. You don't even give the option to save 2-3k on a cheaper model. It hurts your bottom line.
There are quite a few LS's and LT's on this forum alone....
To each their own and like I said thats just my opinion
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