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Exclamation 5th Gen Camaro LS3 info from Chevy Hi-Po...READ

As we all know, we take what we read from Mags w/ a grain of salt. But, with all the talk going on around town that the LS3 is going in the new Camaro, it's great to read in the new Chevy Hi-Performace mags that not only is the LS3 going to be used, but that more info states there should be a supercharged version. Here's the article how it reads in the new mag. Enjoy!!!!

CHP June 07 page 90

Five years ago Chevrolet celebrated 35 years of the Camaro with a special Anniversary Edition '02. However, due to industry changes and low sales volume, Camaro production ended at the GM plant in Ste. Therese, Quebec, on August 28, 2002. The last car was a Z28 with an automatic transmission. At a Kruse International auction soon after, the car-which carried a $23,000 window sticker-sold for more than $70,000.

From 2002, our sources within Chevrolet have continued to tell us that although they couldn't speak specifically, there would be good news coming regarding a new Camaro. Now that day is rapidly approaching with an '09 Camaro on the way.

5th Gen
To learn about the fifth-gen Camaro we had to swear to secrecy, meaning that we would not reveal our contacts inside GM. Although the info we were given was not very specific, we are able to pass on some interesting 5th-gen information. What our sources inside GM did reveal was that the engine options for the '09 Camaro include two V6's and a few V8's. On the V8 table now is an LS3 engine with L92 cylinder heads. This engine will be installed in the Z28 and produce in the neighborhood of 400-450 horses. Additionally, there is talk about a supercharged 550hp Z28 engine with a Roots-style blower. Which ever generation Camaro you love, we can promise you that there will always be more driving fun ahead. CHP

Chevrolet plans to design the 5th-Gen to be more refined than the Mustang. It will feature fully independent front and rear suspension. The platform this new Camaro will be built on is the Zeta, a shortened version of the current Cadillac STS. As a matter of fact, the new Camaro's design has involved a lot of Cadillac engineers. Chevrolet also plans to offer the 1LE package (severe-duty components) for police and limited retail purchases.

It's nice to hear that engineers from Cadillac are taking on a large role in making this Camaro. Could you imagine the QUALITY of a Cadillac in a Camaro??? :eek: This is truly going to be the best Camaro ever made in reliability, performance, aesthetics, quality, and the list goes on and on. This just gets me that much more stoked about the release!
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