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Originally Posted by Matster View Post
IMHO, not sure a Z28 ever has or ever will compete with the Vette, it is a different market segment. Same reason the CTS-V doesn't compete with the Corvette with same HP +/- and price point. Consider the weight & handling differences of all three cars, HP is great but it isn't the final word. The price of said "Z28" will most likely compete with its Mustang rival the Shelby GT500 bringing it in just under or around the Vette Coupe. When you look at what is available off the shelf for GM, the LSA is the most logical choice. The LSA can be had retail for $14,295.95 here The LS3 can be had for around $8,500.00 here!--19211709--> At the end of the day this engine upgrade is going to increase the cost on the Camaro at the retail level about $8,000 - 10,000.

Here in Canada a fully dressed 2SS/RS runs around $48,500.00 (before taxes), so if the Z28 comes in around $60,000 it will be in the same ball park price wise as the GT500. The Vette coupe starts at around 80K and Z06 ....103K.
All correct except for the fact that there is a base Vette that start's at $48,000 wich would fall in that category and then the fact that the track time's of them would be close, real close.
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