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Originally Posted by garagelogic View Post
But you're assuming that people are going to croos-shop the Z28 and Corvette. As many people have said in the past, and I was/am one of them, just because two cars have a similar price point or power output, it does not make them competitors.

While there are a lot of people on this and other performance forums who would rather buy a Corvette than a Camaro, if the price point was near the same, there are a lot more that realize that they are two completely different cars built for two different purposes. Personally, I don't think a Z28 version of a Camaro, even at close to the same price and power output, is going to cut into the sales of base Corvettes. And certainly not the Z06.

I did not buy a GT500 because I could not afford a Corvette, nor did I buy it because I thought it offered better performance. I bought it because it was the vehicle that best suited my desires/needs at this point in my life.
Good point.
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