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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Absolutely, Don't get me wrong, I think GM should get involved with this 100%
It would be one of the few smart things they've done lately (except the Camaro and brand differentiation)
I could see this becoming a new axis on which to beat Toyota back to the Jungles from which they came.

But just me, personally....I don't like them. Or at least not the current Chinese ones ...(shudder). If GM does a good job with this. I can see this as a foothold for them. And an end to the american ideology that we're always right no matter what:

i.e. Huge SUV's in the middle of a gas crunch (yeah, smart..... )

I say Go for it General!! - as Moosen75 pointed out though - this can only be a temporary solution. Don't give up on the Volt!!!!!!!

Oh and regards to the Camaro...I hope in light of everything else they give it ethanol capability...I don't want to change out an engine in 20 years....

Aren't they trying ot make all of their engines these days E85 compatible? I thought that was part of their "Go Green" Initiative.

As for the mini-cars, I love the idea. I am not sure if I will buy one, but I can see how it would be VERY marketable in America. I mean, righ now there really isn't any other manufacturer that has tapped into the US market with these kinds of autos. Smart car has taken over Asia and Europe with their cars, and they are in the process of establishing a dealer network in America, but they are not there. If GM can get the ball rolling quick enough and beat them t the punch, it would be a major victory for us!. Not to mention, these cars look WAY better than the Smart cars!

I do agree that these kinds of cars can not be our end-all solution, and I don't think anyone expects them to be. I like the VOLT concept, but as I have stated before, depending on the area you live in and the power plant that generates your power, it can actually create more polution to charge your VOLT than a 30+mpg car creates. I think that there needs to be just as much focus on creating cleaner power as there is on creating cleaner automobiles.
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