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Originally Posted by beowulf80 View Post
I use both a gear and the parking brake. Personally I use 4th gear. My logic: If its hard to turn the wheels in 1st, it'll be even harder in 4th. Additionally if you forget either you're still got the other going for you.

Also, its called a parking brake instead of an e-brake for a reason. =] And there is truth that you do have to make sure that the lever is all the way up, anything less will not hold you on an incline.

Just something fun to consider: Why do people call it an emergency brake? What emergency was ever resolved by locking up your rear tires? Or is it called this because a crazy g/f suddenly yanking on it at 60 MPH will send you to the emergency room? I'd personally call it a Fun-In-Snow-Brake. Or maybe I-Want-To-Spin-Out-brake
Don't leave it in 4th, always use 1st or reverse. If you use 4th, it can roll easier, not harder. 4th is 1:1 ratio, meaning one rev driveline= one revolution of the engine. 1st gear is 3.01:1 ratio, meaning one rev driveline= 3 revolutions engine. Reverse is the best at 3.28:1 ratio. Get it.
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