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due to cost in the LS9, I wouldn't hold out for an LS9 powered Camaro.
My hopes are pinned to the LSA. We got 1 engine from the Caddy. Now give us the other one . Oh yean, and the manual Caddy's 3.73 drive ratio.
Considering the work that went into the SS (have you seen the rear axle assembly?) I don't see a lot of work to get the LSA into the Camaro.
It uses the same base block adds a blower and a few trinkets. The SS and the CTS-V already have the smae manual transmission. The Caddy just has some nicely aggressive gears.
the LS3 weighs in at 415lbs. I cant see the LSA weighing over 475lbs (the LS7 is 440lbs) assuming a few minor suspension tweaks the LSA powered beast could still be under 4000lbs 3860+60+30(tweaks) 3950lbs that 7.2lb/hp I'd take that and run.


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