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Originally Posted by scrming View Post
Since the car uses a "Torque Based Management System"... does that mean the ECU has a set amount of torque the motor can make? I know there was talk about how this car would "de-tune" itself a bit as you added performance mods... wonder if I'm starting to see that? So does the ECU say you are making the maximum power at 82% Abs Throttle, sorry you can't have any more... ??? Wish I had data logged this when the car was stock! LOL
Yes, usually under torque management there are limits set as to how much torque the car can make in each gear and the ECU can close the throttle too if these values are exceeded it can also pull spark cut fuel ect. ect. But like I said earlier that 82% its showing is really 100% its just how these computers work. If you search the Hp Tuners board there are threads about this with a good explanation that I can not remember lol

On my SS the max position it shows is 84% even though the TPS is at 100%. . . I have an idea though push the gas pedal through the floor to 118% TPS and see if the abs throttle goes up to 100%. Let me know the results of this experiment if you try it if it works I'll just have to hit the GYM more lol
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