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Originally Posted by diarmadhi View Post
my biggy question 3whiterag is gm considering the ls3 the base v8 (aka the base mustang) for price or is the ls3(supercharged or not) the gt500 competition?

If the ls3 is in the gt500 range.. my guess is the l98 is the base v8!?!?!

PS - i really wish the ls3 would be the base v8
I doubt 3whiterag would be able to answer that... it seems as though only those who are directly involved with the Camaro project know those details.

I would really like to see the LS3 as the base V8; however, just about every source has mentioned multiple V8 options. Therefore, I would think it is a good bet that there will be two different V8s and the lineup will include the L98, the LS3, and a s/c LS3.

If they are going to offer the L98 as a base V8, then the LS3 option had better come with some worthwhile upgrades (better suspension, bigger brakes, etc) in order to justify the price differential because there is no way the engine alone is any more expensive to produce.

I really wish we had an idea of pricing though. If there will be an L98 base V8, then it will likely start around $29-30k. I would then assume that the LS3 will start at $35k, which is my upper most limit... so we will see.
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