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this is a good looking car but has problems:

1. what is with the cars made today with that lower body molding that seems to be always black(and plastic) , its even that way on the new vette.
2. 0-60 in 4.5 seconds with 500 hp and 450 trq with a supercharger on it ???
my 05 gto has 425 hp and 405 trq and does 0-60 in 4.5 seconds without a superdupercharger!!
3.the new shelby is also right at 4000 lbs(can we say f150 please) dang! with that much body weight it probably will be hard to modify because most of the wieght is in the front for the engine block is cast iron( this is a good thing though, no worry of over heating problems as much as do i with my aluminum block 6.0.
all around this a pretty good idea for a muscle car but I would never pay 42000 dollars for a crustang (wait, its a ford ,sorry, I would not buy it anyways) . the actual price will vary because of tax , title, shipping cost ,blah blah blah.

some might say: EPA city driving: 13 mpg
EPA highway driving: 21 mpg
There is no way I would buy a car that gets this kind of gas milage (probably spelled wrong but it's friggin early for me 5:44am ok) .
Well this will settle this litte prob. right now . If you want a car that has 500 hp and also want to protect your wallet and the earth , MAKE ONE !!!
I am tired of this biatchin over gas crap and the earths demise crud, if you are this worried over the gas stop buying it and get a bicycle (also God gave you friigin legs ,and contrary to popular demand we use to walk to every where before the wheel and motor cart unless you had a horse) the earth will probably be offing us anyways ,because it is a planet. read up on other planets we don't live on and you will see the same kind of crud ,storms and all because it is a planet out of our control.

sorry ranting is funnnnnnn.

Peace be with u all . I am smiling now.(thorazine please)
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