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My theory about the Z/28

Didn't want to turn the other thread off topic: "What we want to see in and on the Z/28". Most people in that thread had some pretty good ideas what we would like to see the Z/28 hit the showrooms with. Most had alot of throwback ideas.

I hate to sound like Buzz Killjoy here, but do to GM financial situation, and needing to make money we may see a lot of "off the shelf" parts in/on the Z/28 if it comes out. Also to keep the cost down and make it affordable/compete with the competition. GM CEO hopes to break even by the middle of next year so hopefully more development takes place after that.

Models: We may see 1Z/28 and 2Z/28 options that mirror the current SS models
Price: We might see a $10-$15K price jump from the fully loaded SS.
Engine: LSA it is a proven engine that has enough power to compete with the competition. IF GM is developing a new engine it will be another one to two years before we see a Z/28
Suspension: GM may stuff the uplevel FE3 suspension or the CTS-V's Magnetic Ride Control w/Magnetic controled shocks. Also may equip it with the driver selectable stability/ride control of the Corvette/CTS-V. IF GM develops the upgradable suspension for the SS it may become standard on the Z/28
Brakes: Brembo, the GXP, SS, and CTS-V has them. The Z/28 may have larger cross drilled or slotted rotors.
Transmission: TR-6060 and the 6L90-E
Other: We may see some nice powered Recaro seats, Pilot Sport tires/Runcraps, 15/20 MPG, Launch Control stays, Body upgrades, hopefully more OEM aftermarket from GM.

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