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MGW is pleased to introduce our fully CNC machined shifter for the 2010 Camaro.

This is the First and ONLY complete replacement shifter assembly currently available!!

a little info on this shifter....

features a 30 percent reduction in throw. i may offer a shorter throw option at some point but i have done extensive testing with different throw configurations and have come to the conclusion that the shortest throw isn't necessarily the fastest. this tranny as you know is the same as in the corvette and there are still some issues with the synchros . so making the shift TOO short can result in gear grinding in second gear. also the tranny is quite notchy and although the shifter feels GREAT when parked with the engine not running and snicking thru gears when the car is actually running the "neutral bump" it VERY noticable the shorter throw you get.

this shifter has VERY positive neutral return springs as the factory internal ones are jsut not strong enough. this makes the 2-3 shift just PERFECT. and really makes shifting alot of fun.

the rear support from the factory has been replaced with a machined bracket with poly bushings supporting stainless steel precision machine pins. this gives the shifter a ROCK SOLID feel but still allows seamless movement with the tranny under hard braking or accelerating. while keeping side to side movement to virtually zero which eliminates the gear lockout that the factory oem shifter assembly is plagued with.

here is a short walk around video of the shifter...

some additional info...

this shifter will accept the factory knob no problem and works great with it.

we have an optional handle available with 12mm threads to accept a wide variety shift aftermarket knobs.

MGW will include a detailed installation guide with every shifter.

custom rubber boots are currently in tooling stage and about 6-10 weeks out. the factory oem boot may be used in the mean time. it works just not as well as the one we are making for it

i will be releasing final pricing soon i just have to add up all the parts and costs and basically figure it out but it will be in line with the other shifters currently offered which is pretty good considering this is a TOTAL shifter replacement!!!

and for those in the initial production run expect me to contact you shortly this week about shipping and special intro pricing.

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