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Originally Posted by shnomac77 View Post
From Super Chevy magazine October '09.
I cant find the article on their website so I dont have a link.

Now I really have no Idea what to expect......

SC:Now that the Camaro is in the showrooms and on the street, whatabout extending the model lieup with a cobertible, and possibly a Z/28 version? What would a Z/28 be like?

AO: The convertible has been announced, but it has been delayed until 2011. As far as a Z/28, or a performance version, we've had this debate internally many, many times. What would you call the performance version? A Z/28? A COPO? A Yenko? Would you bring back a nostalgic name, or not? Create a new one? The SS was always the big dog Camaro, not the Z/28. The first Z/28 was built just to get us into the racing circuit against the Mustang and all the other cars that were in that class. If you were going to take a Z/28 approach, you'd try to stay true to the RPO, build a car that you could drive daily on the street, take to the drag strip and do well, or take to the track and do well, which the original Z/28 did. Take some things out of it, get the mass down, use and existing small-block, maybe an ls7, an ls9. Make it a great performing car for the purist.

This is why I don't think they should make the Z/28, but instead name it something else and not make too many.
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