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Run over to my local dealer on my lunch hour (after I called ahead to see if they could work on it) I get there and am told they cannot, they did not do the upgrade because the dealership is closing in 10/2011. WELL THANKS A HELL OF ALOT FOR CALLING ME! They tell me to go to dealer "A" or Dealer "B" for service.
I leave and think to myself, why did they not call over to dealer "A" or dealer B or at least offer to let me use the phone? I drive over to the 1st one and they were not sure, but the guy at the counter said oh yeah sure we can. GMC Dealer. Make appointment for next da AM. I go back to work and on the call Onstar. Nice lady, but must be down South, can't hardly understand her. She rund diagnostics and says its not a critical problem, and check for the nearest dealer. It would be dealer "C" Did some checking and everyone says to stay away from their service dept. I check on the Chey site, pick out a new dealer (same as Dealer "B" above) and make an appointment with them (Certified Chevrolet Dealer).
I call and cancel appointment with Dealer "A"
I get off work and while driving home the "Check Engine Lite goes out"
This was a real cra** day!
Guess I'll see if it stays off tomorrow.
Thanks for listening (reading)
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