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Originally Posted by GM4lyfe View Post
I'm not following you. What I'm saying based off Camaro's website that the 2SS starts at $34K, the Z/28 maybe $10k-$15K on top of that like $44K-$50K. I don't think we'll see a performance car with 500+hp under $40K.
I understand that, but there's nothing special about a performance car at that price. Pricing it like that will only net the die-hard Camaro enthusiasts who also have money to spend, which is a very small part of the buying public.

The Corvette starts at $48k (same price range), Corvette convertible $53k (~$5k more) the GT500 $46k (same price range), the GT500 Convertible $51k (same price range). And even though it's not the same kind of performance, the 370Z Nismo would be a comparative bargain at $39k ($5k-$10k less). The Cadillac CTS-V would only be $9k-$14k more, the BMW M3 coupe would be between $8k and $14k more, the Mercedes C63 AMG would be between $7k and $13k more.

They'd be crazy to sell a Z28 in that range, it would be slaughtered.
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