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Originally Posted by mws444 View Post
Wonder how it will rank with the Hurst. I guess we'll find out, huh?
Yup.. I havn't seen either shifter other than pictures.

I was on the hurst pre-buy list.. got tired of waiting. I wanted a shifter to be installed while at LPE as it needs to be installed from underneath. You need to drop the exhaust, and lower the trans to install.

I ordered the MTI and had it drop shipped to LPE. It impressed everyone at LPE after it was in.

did you check out the MTI site? here is the link:

there is a good thread on this shifter on the camaro5 site. That's where I got interested in it. I liked the idea of the roller bearing where the shifter connects to the linkage. all the mount points are poly instead of rubber.
here it is:

I think we made the right choice here...
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