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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
You're not making very much sense. :(
For one, they don't intend to sell this model in volume. 2-5k...maybe. If they did, they wouldn't have waited to make it. So, perhaps you might rethink the target buyer for the Z?
You don't have to worry, at that price they definately won't sell the model in volume regardless of whether they plan it that way or not.

Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
The Corvette is a totally different car, marketed to an entirely different crowd. It is not competition, so strike it off the list.

Convertibles? huh?

The Nismo Nissan is different as well. The SS already outperforms I don't understand how you'd consider it a bargain compared to a Z28?

The again, different -- a 4-door, LUXURY sedan...not competition for the Z, and since you're taking issue with a 15k increase over a stock can you quote 9-14k more for a V as "competiton" Same for the last two you listed....

That leaves the GT500...anddd....the GT500. The performance of which costs roughly $45 grand. You can't get there for less. Honestly, unless they don't offer similar performance Z...I don't understand why it wouldn't (and shouldn't) cost in that same range.
If you think people spend ~$50k without looking at every car out there, you are insane.
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