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Originally Posted by boxmonkeyracing View Post
well depends on what Z28 means to you. if you're talking about a high horsepower car with a supercharger. . .maybe. they already have the LSA and LS9. wouldn't take much to put them in a camaro.

If you go back to what a Z28 was back in the day before it was truely watered down, a road race prepped camaro that had a 302 ci motor and a beefed up suspension, then still maybe.

Now there's a better chance of the supercharged camaro then what I believe would be a better choice for a Z28. The reason I say this the majority of people that want the Z28 are screaming for a supercharged camaro. so it would make it more profitable for GM to make that then what I want.

just try not to be so negative torwards the possibility of a Z28. no one has confirmed or denied it there is one being built. so it's all about perspective.
I'd like to see an LS9 Z/28 as well being offered but if they can't supply us with one, could they at least offer something?

I totally understand all the SS guys and non Z/28 enthusiasts who think this debate is silly because GM is offering 95% of what a Z/28 would be with the SS. On the surface it does sound silly but let's just say that every company would love to have a product as recognizable and that had as many devotees as the Z/28.
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