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I for one am not EXPECTING a super demented horse power car, even though thats the highes probability given the fact that the LS9 and LSA exist.

Who wouldn't buy a 400-450hp hybrid? That will put a new definition in muscle, wouldn't it? get 25-30mpg... not bad

Though I do understand that some want to use the monster for racing and this wouldn't be such a great buy... but as we all know GM goes for the masses and I'm thinking the masses would go with a hybrid.

Yes, a little farfetched but stranger things have happend.

Originally Posted by Hylton View Post
Would you simply want the Z/28 to be a cosmetic package of an SS (which is what I think you are alluding to) or do you want it to be a bit unique under the skin? Keep in mind now that they cannot offer us any additional power than what we have with the current SS.
No, I don't want some appearence package... I want the power AND I want it to look different than all the other Camaros (like Bumblebee2, or something equivalent) AND they CAN offer additional power, look at the CTS-V. We're talking about an engine transplant.
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