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First mod I made was to get Zoomer's catback exhaust put on it which I don't have a good photo of but I plan to take a video so you can hear how it sounds.

I drove her for a month. Hadn't come up with a name and then I had just washed and dried her and as I stood there admiring the beautiful deep blue color, I said to myself "she's a blue angel" and I knew I'd named her right then and there.

First week I'd got her I had gone down to Nutek in Anaheim and met Jim Dunphy who is just great to work with and very knowledgeable about his profession and we came up with ideas for rims. Nutek is the American company of the man who originally founded HRE wheels; yep THE HRE of forged rim fame. You can contact him at Jim Dunphy and I have talked with him and he said they'd be happy to work with Camaro5 for custom rims; just tell him Doc from Camaro5 sent you. He works through Rick Teter at Wheel Warehouse nearby who did a great job today of putting my rims on the car. They took their time, did it right, were very careful and really knew their stuff. Rick is great to work with too and he also said he'd be happy to work with Camaro5 members so his email is Rick Teter and say Doc from Camaro5 sent you!

So anyways on to the pics. The theme I was going for (and some of you may remember my thread "Playing with Ideas") was the original Roger Penske/Mark Donohue Sunoco Z/28 Camaros of 1969-70 racing fame. They won the Trans Am championship and their colors were deep blue and the Sunoco gold/yellow. In fact Chevy paid homage to that heritage with one of their SEMA concept cars which I have in my avatar (except for now which is a homage to Thor).

The rims are 3-piece forged, 19x9.5 and done in the Sunoco gold/yellow for the spokes, the inner faces of the center spokes and front outerface is IBM, the inner rim is flat black, the outer rim is brushed aluminum with 2 thin stripes; outer is IBM inner is Sunoco gold/yellow. Tires are Hankook Ventus V12's in 275/40x19 all the way around.

Here's the car going in for the changeover; last time it will have the stock wheels on it:
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Blue Angel is here!!

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