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Originally Posted by Punk_rider View Post
I know nothing about car engineering, so this maybe a dumb question but: is it that hard to engineer a 550hp Z28 (or whatever the name) camaro?

I mean, isn't just all about putting a corvette engine into the hood, putting stronger brakes, bigger wheels and tires and let's go???

Is it such a big deal? I mean, steal all the needed comonents on the corvette productino line, this won't cost a lot, this will make the car available fast and even if it's a commercial failure, then, it wouldn't be that costy to GM.

Am I completely out of my mind?
Hate to say it it's a little more then that. even if you stole the parts there's no guarantee they are up to snuff to handle stopping a 3900 lb car like a 3200 lbs car. camaro will need bigger breaks and stiffer suspension/chassis to cope with that type of power. it's not that easy. believe me I wish it was but it's not.

most people forget about the chassis and suspension or even the rest of the drivetrain when it comes to adding more power. for example look at the 4th gens. if you add about 100 more horses you'll bend the frame easily, rip apart the dash and blow up the rear end.

Being someone who's looked into adding power to a 4th gen and wanting to do it right. one of my first mods was subframe connectors (adds weight) to stiffen up the chassis. and after I did my exhaust and intake manifold next was going to be suspension and K-member upgrade. for one to make sure every pony got to the ground and I had a car afterwards.

I really wish it was as easy as what you stated. but it's not. :( but all I can say is keep the faith and have a feeling you won't be disappointed when GM gives you a GT500 killer, weather it's a Z28 or something else.
Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
We do not want to use the Z28 moniker on a car that does not deserve this hallowed name.
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