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Originally Posted by IneedAZ View Post
Not sure if i have missed it, but anyone done the Silver stripes with the gray/blk seats? Wondering if the stripes compliment the color of the seats or are the shades clashing?

I'll have mine in a few weeks. I'm not sure if it will have the stripes from the factory. I placed my order just before they changed to factory installation, so I initially ordered without stripes because I figured that would let me decide later (and I didn't trust dealer installation). Once they changed to factory installation, I called the dealer to have them added to the order, but since I went to 2000 the next day, they weren't sure if they could get it changed, and the new codes weren't working yet. Anyway, they still can't seem to confirm if they got them added. If not, I will probably have them painted on.
I chose the gray interior partly because it regularly gets to 110F in the summer where I live and black just gets too hot since I don't have a covered place to park. Plus, I figured the gray interior would go well with the silver stripes which are presumably the same color as the interior silver door panels. I'm assuming that that color complements the gray leather and carpet.
I still have not seen ABM in person, I have not seen the gray leather in person, and I have not seen the silver stripes in person. But, what the heck; what could go wrong?
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