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Originally Posted by LightningSS View Post
I want one just like the pictures! Perfect!

Can you provide some dimensions like these given for the Hurst shifter:

Here's some dimensions of the Hurst compared to OEM:

Throw from 3rd to 4th gear: OEM - 3 1/2"
Hurst - 1 3/4"

Height from console: OEM - 5"
Hurst knob - 5 3/4"
Hurst w/OEM knob - 5"

Distance of knob from
dash w/shifter in 3rd gear: OEM - 3 1/2"
Hurst knob - 5 1/2"

I like that the Hurst knob is 2" further back, you don't have to reach to
grab the shifter. And your elbow doesn't have to come off the armrest.


height should be same as stock ...and the throw is about 2.75 inches which is about 32 percent reduction in throw

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