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Originally Posted by Georgianne View Post

First allow me to help you with your grammer. "That don't make sense" should be "that doesn't make sense. Now to reply to your comment: Light, an antonym would be “darkness”, an adjective would be “subtle” or “pale”.
Bright, an antonym would be “dark”, an adjective would be “sunlit” or “vivid”,
Non-color- This I may have to take back because if something lacks color or if it is of non-color than it has no interest or vividness. I think if someone was to say that the Camaro lacked interest or vividness we would have to tak’em’out. However, black, gray and white are considered “lacking a manifestation of color”. Thanks for keeping up!
If you are going to correct someone's "grammer", you should at least know how to spell it. It's grammar.
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