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One thing to remember...and I don't know if anyone said it because I skipped to the and passed all the other posts......

House prices are on the rise according to MSNBC and all the other news stations. Before long, not only the cost of the house you will eventually buy will go up, but the APR on the loan itself will go up. Therefore, you might actually end up "paying for the car again" if you get the car now and then wait an extra year or two and get the house (in the actual cost of house and loan on house).


...what will it be?

You COULD get the car and have it paid off.

That is actually pretty darn smart to have it all paid off. You'd save approximately $2k to $3k tops in finance charges. However, the finance charges in getting a house again...over the life of the loan? that 2 to 3k easily.

You already know the answer.

The REAL question is......

CAN you get the 2LT RS NOW AND be able to still get a good rate and have enough to put down on that house at a later time!
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