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Ok you say it is just you for now. Buy a newer small house with a garage. Now when I say small I mean around 1400SQFT. These will usually have a master bedroom with bath. 1-2 more med size bedrooms, living room dining area.

Buying newer home means less upkeep. Buying a house this size is a great first home. Room for you and wife when you do get married and room for first kid. One of the bedrooms could be your office and the house will likely have at least a single car garage to protect the Camaro.

As your family grows if you have one your house would of went up in value since housing is starting to rebound and you could sell it making some money for a down payment on a bigger house.

Also you can always pay a nieghbor kid to mow the yard if you do not want to. I work 2 jobs and Kathie works so we have a yard guy and cleaning lady that both come once a week. Now I have over a acre of yard and a 3800 5 bedroom house to clean and it cost me 60 a week for yard guy and 64 a week cleaning lady. Yard guy on works 2 times during the entire winter cleaning up leaves so cheap in the winter.

Ok done rambling hope it helped.
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