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Thumbs up agreed on every word you said

Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
All I'm saying is that words could have been chosen carefully. I am not laying claim to knowing anything personally.

No one has whispered anything into my ear and said they WILL do this or the WILL do that. Sit back and think about this for a second. All the architecture will already be there...All the underpinnings...etc. The engine will need to be upgraded. CHECK. Testing will need to be done. I'd be surprised if GM hasn't done testing on the Z28 yet.

GM WILL sell all Z28's made. I'm sure of that. It would be a bad business move IMO if they didn't come out with it yet. Maybe they want to get it right and need more time on it??? Right???

You guys can get upset if you want.

You guys can continue to listen to Scotts words and "have faith."

I, for one, will be waiting for the info to be revealed from GM about the Z28. I know...some might say, "Dude....they just told you about the Z28." No (IMO)....they didn't.
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