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Originally Posted by Quick View Post
Earl..I was merely asking a question.I understand why you big time highrollers look down your noses at us little guys.Its ok,if it makes you feel better and helps you
make it through the day...everything is lovely. I don't mind at all.But Earl, I do have a small question for you. Why would you assume I only drive a "street" car? I happened to see that you were very nervous sitting in staging and asked why.I had no idea i had to be at least a top fuel driver to comment on your video.So,I understand now that I'm out of line and out of place so if you will excuse me I'll go back to my side of the track.

Well, now that you have taken basically every sentence out of context, we can't further our pointless discussion. That's too bad because I think we were all having fun here.

I think I said why I assumed you were comparing to a street car/night. Yep, I did.

The top fuel reference was only for reference. You don't have to be anything and you can be everything, it has no real bearing on the discussion.

Saying you will go back to your side of the track is a very very nice reference to your side of the tracks isn't it? Well done, sir. But don't be so hard on yourself. I am sure we have similar roots. After all, we are both human, we both have lives, and I am sure we both have our values. I did not mean to be condescending, I am sure my defensiveness has something to do with the tone of this thread so I have no problem apologizing if I had the wrong tone with you. Maybe your tone was ambiguous as well.

Now don't be a martyr. Life is too short to be so serious. And I'm not a high roller. It's easy to make assumptions isn't it?

BTW, I don't know where Union City is but TN is a beautiful state, I've driven through it 4 times and spent about 2 weeks there nonconsecutively. If I didn't have a thing for TX, I'd probably live there.
See ya around.
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