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Originally Posted by Supercharged SS View Post
Ok, on the vette wheel you'll need a 40 mm offset. Here's what you should do. PM Blazzin on here. That guy is the vette wheel pimp. He knows what will work and what's the best place. I got mine in 2009 but they were like $250 each. He can do much better.
Okay, I'll chime in....since Jamie has so eloquently named me the "vette wheel pimp"!!! Thanks Jamie!!! Not sure how I came to deserve such a prestigious title because to be honest guys, I have never owned a set of the Corvette Wheels (replicas or real ones) for my car. However, I have done a lot of research and reading up on them, so....

Originally Posted by trans665 View Post
can you fit 18's corvette rims with the brembo's on?? so could i use my 18s from my c5 corvette on the rear of my camaro??
Originally Posted by ParisTNDude View Post
I'm understanding that only the C5 Z06 rears at 18 X 10.5 rears or the C6 Z06 fronts in 18 X 10.5 will work with no clearance issues. Someone also said you had to Zip tie the hydraulic brake lines away from the wheels as well. Since I'm also interested in this setup, I hope someone can validate this information or give us the straight "skinny".
My understanding is that the C5 Z06 18x9.5 (+40mm offset) will fit the rear of our Camaros (with Brembos) without the use of any adapters or spacers. Yes, you will have to clamp back your emergency brake cables, which you will have to do with any 18" or smaller wheel. I'm not sure about the C6 wheels, but I would assume they would fit too (but I can't guarantee it). And yes, the bolt pattern on these is 5x4.75", and it will fit just fine. The difference is literally .03". If you not comfortable with the bolt pattern, then run some hubcentric rings with the wheels.

This place ( used to sell a 18x10.5 (+53mm offset) that would also fit without any spacers or adapters. As seen here:

Mlee actually sold a few sets of them, but last I heard they were all gone, and that vendor was not planning on getting any more. I sure wish I would have bought a set of them when they were available!!! Maybe with enough "pressure", that wheel replica place will actually request some more???

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