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Did this a few weeks ago and forgot to include this. Found numerous scratches and marks on the car I had to correct. Pretty much a novice at correcting paint but id say I did a really good job with it.

This what my write up on it

I probably should have done a video but i think pictures work just as good. After I corrected my paint couple of days ago a few people asked if i could show the process..

Heres a look at how it works. Im not a pro at any kind of body work so for me to get the paint corrected this well means that anyone can do this.

I had a scratch that went right across the top of the wheel well by the hood. Note: all the scratches ive fixed where from either sitting on the dealers lot of from the previous owner since i purchased this used.

You first want to clean the area well, getting all the dirt and grime off before you start the wet sand process.

Next you take pad #1 which is the most coarse and spray the lubricant spray on both the pad and the area you are going to wet sand.

Its recommended that after 30 passes you should stop and wipe off the spray to see what it looks like after the first pass with #1. If its still pretty deep you can re spray and go for another 30 passes. Also make sure to not press hard on the paint, you need some to very little pressure when moving the pad back and fourth. This is what mine looked like after 30 passes with pad #1, 3x

Next you will follow to pad #2 which is a finer grade wet sand. Again like pad #1, you will spray both the area and pad before you start attacking the area.

Next you move the pad #3 and repeat the process and use and even finer pad

Lastly, you use the last grade pad #4 which is the finest of them all and repeat.

As you can see, after using all 4 pads the scratch has went from looking really deep to almost flush with the paint/clear coat. The paint is going to look dull and scratched up pretty good but thats where the next step comes in.

After sanding you want to use a paint clarifying compound, such as the one that was supplied in the turtlewax scratch kit i used.

You want to then shake it up well and then apply some to a micro fiber towel. In my case i didnt need alot on this one area but if you have a larger area that you sanded down you will want to use more.

Apply it over the area and then use some elbow grease and really work the compound into the paint for about a minute. You will need to do this step a few times depending on how much you sanded the surface but it does bring back the shine to the car.

As you can see here the scratch is completely gone and looks like it was never even there. I cant even find where it was on the car anymore because it fixed it up really well.

Heres another angle of it

Hope this helps anyone who might have any kind of scratches or marks that they might want to try fixing themselves. I got the kit online from autobarn for about 13$ and received it within 3 days time. Im sure any local auto part place will have something similar or the same product since its made by turtle wax.

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