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Skylane, tell you what. Pick up ($10) a clear glass inline fuel filter from the parts store, install it between the outlet of your can and the intake it a few hundred miles and show us pictures. Then do the same w/a RX can mounted in a hotter area and see zero oil.

This is something all should do to test any can they use.

Your explanation has some merit. but it dosent matter if the lines are 10' long...the CFM of flow measured at each end will be the same. What does matter more is the internal volumne of the can itself. Anything much smaller than 1 qt and the speed of the flow through does not slow enough for the oil to all fall out of suspension, no matter how cool it gets...the condensed droplets that are smal will pull through the can. This is a subject I doubt you will find any that have done as much actual testing on than we have period. We purchase every can we see on the market, test as described with the same car over the same circuit, and measure. Then we cut the cans apart and show in detailed pictures why they do or do not work well. I share all this info and also urge all to test for themselves.

Try it and will be surprised.
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