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Originally Posted by SC2150 View Post
Absolutely does not...several on here have pictures posted showing the same testing we do. The RX can is the only one that cathes all, or nearly all detectable oil period. Several others come close and we endorse them, but your debating a subject that you dont have all the facts on. You claim you can prove it, but your wrong on this....the only more effective separator is the industrial ones from Alfa Laval....and your into $8-20K plus for them. Your applying your logic and ignoring the actual processes and results. Actual testing is the only way to prove or disprove a claim....not assumptions.

I'll get some links posted for you.....this is what I do, and the testing proves it...thats why I post the how to so often....its been confirmed by dozens with the same results. If it didn't, I surely would not be showing buyers how to test to prove it.

You are the one assuming, I am not saying your can does not work, I am saying my can does also and I like the one I have because I can open it and I like the looks better, also I did not want a dirty tube dripping oil after draining. So you can say all you want, I tested my can and it works, why do you want waist my time arguing about what I have? You again are assuming I did not do testing! Wrong I have and I do not need to prove to you anything, all CC work, the colder you get the air oil the better they work. I do not sell CC so I have nothing to prove. I also will not own anything I can not take apart.

You are knocking other CC, I am not knocking yours or any other.

How can you say that hot air can not hold more water? It does, oil the same way. That how the oil gets in the air of the crank case to begin with.

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