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Originally Posted by rzrbck_zl1 View Post
I drove mine back from northwest Arkansas early this morning after visiting my son - it was only 28 when I left this morning (cooler than I was expecting when I headed up there on Friday), but I took it extremely easy until the temps warmed up a bit. Tires did fine, but I didn't push it at all until it warmed up above 40.
Ive been wondering if anybody has driven their Z at temps under 40. Im thinking of giving it a try in the morning. I leave for work so early that its been right at 40 when I leave. Then it actually gets colder(around 38 or 39) but the car will be parked(at work) by then. By the time I get off work it will be in the 50's. So I will only have to DRIVE her 20 miles with the temp between 38 and 40. She stays in the garage at night and it doesnt get below 50 or so in there.Think Ill try it in the morning
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